Bicycle battery renovation. Battery service & reparation.

Bicycle battery renovation

As your trusted partner in green energy, we offer extensive refurbishment of bicycle batteries. We repair, maintain and upgrade batteries. Send us your battery!

Our 3 basic rules


We start with a thorough review to identify the problem. Our team will perform a detailed analysis to identify the causes of failure and determine necessary repair measures.


After the diagnosis, we discuss the results with you. Then we’ll suggest the best solutions. We’ll work with you to determine a plan of action to ensure you’re satisfied with the proposed repairs.


Once we have agreed on an action plan, we start the repair. Our experienced team uses their skills and knowledge to professionally and efficiently repair faults and defects while ensuring quality and safety.

We always keep you informed

Our bike service is in constant contact with you and together we will find the best time for the repair. The price is always fixed before the repair and our work is covered by warranty.

Batteri service prises


499 kr.

  • Troubleshooting electricity / mechanics incl. Diagnose rapport.

Battery troubleshooting

1199 kr.

  • Battery measurement and testing

  • Disposal of defective battery

  • Battery troubleshooting

  • Electrical/mechanical troubleshooting (Max use 1 hour mechanic time, contact manager if more time is needed)


3499 kr.

36V | 11.0 Ah

3999 kr.

36V | 12.0 Ah

4200 kr.

36V | 13.6 Ah

Why choose our service?


    Experience and Professionalism:

    Our team of experts has extensive experience in e-bike batteries and always emphasizes high quality in our service.


    Advanced Technology:

    We have advanced tools and diagnostic equipment that enable us to quickly and efficiently identify and solve all technical issues.


    Wide range of services:

    We offer a full range of services including repairs, maintenance, regeneration and upgrading of batteries to ensure their optimal performance and durability.


    Availability of Spare Parts:

    We have access to high-quality original spare parts, which guarantees the solidity and reliability of our repairs.


    Quick renovation of bicycle batteries

    With our efficient work organization, we ensure that repairs are completed quickly so you can get back on your bike as soon as possible.

    we repair equipment from companies


    Diagnosing and repairing battery faults.


    Regenerating, refurbishing and refreshing batteries.


    Software and firmware updates.


    Advice on optimal battery operation.


    Repair or change the battery charger.

    Do you need a top-quality battery service where passionate people work? Our team of professionals is ready to help you

    faults that we most often repair

    Capacity reduction:

    Over time, the capacity of the battery can decrease due to repeated charging and discharging.

    Connectivity issues:

    Loose or damaged connections between battery cells or connection cables can lead to power outages.

    BMS error:

    Problems with the battery management system (BMS) can lead to incorrect discharge, overcharging or overheating of the battery.

    Damaged cells:

    Individual cells in the battery pack may be damaged, resulting in reduced performance or malfunction.

    Charging issues:

    The battery may have problems accepting or holding a charge, which can be caused by damaged cells or BMS.

    Thermal overload:

    Overheating of the battery can occur in extreme conditions or as a result of poor ventilation.

    Damaged cable or connector:

    Worn, bent or damaged cables or connectors can prevent proper power supply to the battery.

    Water ingress:

    If the battery is exposed to water or moisture, it can cause short circuits or rust that affect the battery’s function.

    Short circuit:

    Faults in the battery’s internal circuitry can cause a short circuit and result in total power loss.

    Aging of the battery:

    Battery performance can gradually degrade over time due to natural aging and component degradation.

    Overcharging or over-discharging:

    If the battery is not properly balanced or managed, it can be overcharged or over-discharged, which can damage the cells and shorten battery life.

    Battery charger

    We diagnose the problem and find the solution for broken chargers.

    We come to you.

    Our mobile on-service offers the convenience of arriving at the time we agree together. We’re here to help you.

    These errors can occur for a variety of reasons and can have a significant impact on battery performance and lifespan. It’s important to diagnose and resolve issues as soon as possible to maintain optimal operation of your e-bike.

    we service

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