NATIONWIDE BIKE AND cargo bike servicefor care centers

Dear customer,

Mobile bike service designed especially for care centers. We offer on-site repair and maintenance directly at your location throughout Denmark. This service is tailored to meet the needs of care center residents and staff to ensure you can always drive safely and securely with residents.

We specialize in professional bike service for senior care centers, which includes repairing electric bikes, tandem bikes and electric rickshaws. Our mission is to ensure mobility and safety for seniors by keeping their transportation in perfect condition.

our customers

We always try to treat each client differently. The service is always tailored directly to your needs. See some of our partners below:

Our offers include:


Electric bike repair:

Our experienced team of mechanics specialize in e-bike repair and offer a comprehensive service from diagnosis to repair.



Repair of Electric Tandem Bikes:

We also offer electric tandem bike repairs with a focus on safety and comfort for both passengers.


Repair of Electric Rickshaws:

Our service also includes repairing electric rickshaws used in elderly care centers, ensuring reliable and safe transportation.


Home service:

To make it easier for our customers, we offer repair services with home visits to nursing homes, minimizing transportation hassles.


Fast Response and Efficient Service:

With our fast response and efficient service, we ensure minimal waiting time and quick assistance in the event of a breakdown.

We always keep you informed

Our bike service always stays in contact with the customer and finds the best time for the repair. The price is always fixed before the repair and our work is covered by warranty.

we service

B-Bikes is a large mobile bicycle workshop that provides bicycle service and repairs for bicycles, electric bicycles, rickshaws, duo bikes, electric cargo bikes, disability bikes, electric prams, scooters, electric scooters and mooncars.

Contact us:

If your senior care center is interested in our professional bike service for electric bikes, tandem bikes and rickshaws, please contact us. We are ready to answer any questions and arrange convenient visit times.

We look forward to working with you to ensure mobility and safety for your residents.

Sincerely yours,

Frank Remmer Von Barner


Phone: +45 29 83 78 78 83
Email: frank@b-bikes.dk


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